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President Tinubu gets kudos for leadership strength, courage

by Daramola Favour

G36 Bola Ahmed Tinubu Renewed Hope Support Group Council has scored President Bola Tinubu high, saying he has real understanding of what leadership entails.

The group maintained if former presidents had shown leadership courage from the first day in office like Tinubu has done in a few days, the country would have moved forward.

Convener, Samson Bilesanmi, at a news conference in Lagos, said Nigerians could testify of Tinubu’s readiness for governance.

Bilesanmi said: “All eyes have seen the courage of Tinubu and his readiness to govern. He has done well in  23 days. He has acted like a ready-for-combat soldier, he came prepared.

“If past leaders have acted like Tinubu has led us in the last 23 days, Nigeria would have been better. Tinubu has been acting courageously to put the nation on the path of sustainable growth.

“Nigerians have been seeing change. The renewed hope he promised is happening,  from removal of oil subsidy, loan for students and more the government has done in few days.”

He noted the group was founded to propagate the ideals, project principles of the President and agitate for reward for support groups which worked for Tinubu during the primaries, election and his success.

The convener said APC support groups believed in Tinubu’s philosophy of rewarding loyalty and work for his cause, “that is what propelled us to throw our caps into the ring by supporting your cause maximally”.

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