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Knocks for Peter Obi after deleting tweet addressing Tinubu as president

by Daniel Onakemu

The 2023 presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) Peter Obi has come under intense criticisms after deleting a tweet addressing President Bola Tinubu as “Mr President”.

His action elicited reactions on social media platforms, with many faulting him.

Obi, who is challenging the declaration of President Tinubu, had faulted the convoy of the President.

In the deleted tweet, Obi wrote: “Allegedly showing Mr President moving with about a 120-car convoy. While I have not had the opportunity of seeing the said video, my advice remains consistent – that sacrifices for a better Nigeria must start from the leaders at all levels of government.”

He later deleted the tweet and published a new one that substituted the ‘120-car convoy of ‘Mr President’ with ‘a trending motorcade video’.

In the new tweet, he wrote: “We can’t continue to preach for the people to sacrifice without sacrificing too. The sacrifices must now start from the leaders, visibly, and measurably at all times, because the people are suffering. We must now be at the forefront of addressing the suffering.”

Reacting, many social media users berated Obi for always pandering to the dictates of his ‘supporters’, others called out the LP candidate for deleting the tweet.

Condemning his action, former media aide to former President Muhammadu Buhari,  Ahmad Bashir wrote: “That was so low. I honestly pity Peter, the former presidential candidate of the Labour Party; so he no longer has control over himself or an opinion of himself.

“How can you delete a well-composed tweet calling your president Mr. President just because some people claiming to be your supporters bullied and dragged you?”

(The Nation)

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