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Kogi APC chieftain hails Ganduje’s appointment as national chair

...says his appointment a reward for excellence

by Grace Anisulowo

A chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress in Kogi State, Mohammad Kent, has hailed Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje on his appointment as the National Chairman of the party.

Kent further stated that Ganduje’s appointment as the party’s national chairman is a reward for his contributions to the party.

Speaking further, the party’s chieftain who doubles as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Travolta Engineering Company Ltd., also urged President Bola Tinubu to consider rewarding some of his former presidential campaign coordinators, like Dr. Sanusi Gamji and James Faleke, with federal appointments.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday in Abuja, Kent underscored that party’s supporters like Ganduje and Gamji deserve to be compensated for their contributions.

He stated, “Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje has a plethora of experience. He is a party supporter, and I believe the party’s leadership made the right choice in choosing him at that level because of all he has given up and done for the party.”

He said, “Exactly, that is what we are requesting. People who put in a lot of effort like Dr. Abubakar Gamji and Hon. James Faleke, the Secretary of the Presidential Campaign Council, deserve compensation.

“Based on the efforts of Dr. Sanusi Gamji during the presidential campaign, we need individuals with his level of intelligence and capacity to assist in creating a new Nigeria driven by the renewed hope of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.”

Kent added, “While Gamji was at the core of the Renewed Hope campaign, he actively advocated for delegates to support Tinubu during the APC presidential primaries while serving as the chairman of the group in Kogi state. Judging by the North-Central results, this work was well worth it.”

Kent also stated that some members of the state’s Elders forum who worked for the success of the party during the presidential election are witnesses to Gamji’s credibility.

“Senator Dangana, Admiral Jibril, Chief Olowo Dolla, Abdullahi Sadiq, Muhammad Sadiq, and a host of other Kogi State residents are among the members of the Kogi State Elders forum, which is now led by Gamji.

“These people, who laboured assiduously with Gamji to win Kogi state for APC during the presidential election, can witness to his credibility and competence,” he mentioned.

“However, we are aware of the president’s preferences for collaborators. It shouldn’t be the case that baboons eat and monkeys work. However, we do not doubt that Kashim Shettima and President Bola Tinubu will handle this matter.

“There are conflicting opinions among party supporters and members of the ruling party on the appointment of Ganduje as the favoured successor by the President and the APC governors,” Kent noted.

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