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Lagos residents commends LASEMA’s cash for trash initiative

... extols Lagos State Government

by Simbiat Amzat

The residents of Lagos state has applauded the state government for introducing the cash for trash advocacy, one of the programs designed by Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA).

The agency through this initiative was welcomed with both arms as it aims at educating the residents on proper waste management while also giving them the opportunity to earn by exchanging single use plastic bottles, condemned appliances and other recyclable wastes for cash.

According to the General Manager of LASEPA, “Single use plastics are recyclable. There is value when you exchange them for cash.”
“Our aim is to talk to people about the harm improper disposal of single-use plastics can cost to our health, the environment and even the wellbeing of species in the ocean. It clogs our drains, it clogs our canals. That is why we have floods and global warming.”

Some of the participants of the program attested to the fact that truly, they get paid the sum of 10,000 naira or more depending on how much plastic bottles they are able to gather.


Source: The Guardian

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