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Nigerian Flag Designer Pa Taiwo Akinkunmi, Dies At 87

by Emmanuel Oni

Nigerian flag designer, Pa Taiwo Akinkunmi, passed away at the age of 87, according to an announcement made by his son, Akinkunmi Akinwumi Samuel, on his Facebook page. He described his father as a man who made a landmark contribution to the history of Nigeria, and wrote, “Great Man has gone.”

Pa Akinkunmi was a student at Yaba College of Technology when he won a competition for the design of the Nigerian flag in 1959.

He is credited with creating the flag, which was adopted in 1960 when Nigeria gained its independence from the United Kingdom.

Akinkunmi’s work was inspired by the country’s national motto, “Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress,” and the flag features three vertical bands of green, white, and green, with the white representing peace and harmony. Akinkunmi’s legacy will be remembered as a symbol of the country’s pride and identity.

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