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Is all things Bright, New & Beautiful?

by Joy Igbinake

So the clock strikes midnight. A new year begins. And all over the globe, on January 1, people undertake their various rituals to invite good luck for the next 365 days.

Well, it is 18days into the New year and the atmosphere still has a fragrance of freshness. I perceive in the atmosphere, a nice scent of freshness. This year smells beautiful, daring & new.

Yet! The New year is all what you wish or make of it. If you can approach life, situations, issues with the newness the year has to offer, then blessed are you.

There were so many plans, goals, unachieved in the previous year. The Newness in the air may mean you can try a new or different approach to carrying out that difficult plan, goal that never blossomed in the previous year/years.

And on a flipside, if that same method met alot of success in the previous years,then it is a clarion call to maximise that method. You may need to drive it into achieving your plans for the new year but add a little sprint of newness. You know what i mean? Well if you dont, this is what i mean…

If you are in Africa or any part of the world. There are diverse ways to do just one thing. Well! Figure yours out! This is not a bid to feed our innate desire to be unique but a way to make things easier for you.

If everyone is doing some tasks in a certain way, and are seeing results. You have tried in the past years to do same but have hit a rock hedge all the time you tried. It is simply time to do it unqiuely, your own way.

2024 is not a year to follow the crowd on some pressing issues. It may require that you spend hours researching, praying, studying on a better way to approach your business, a better method to introduce in teaching the children in your school.

A better way to be a good husband, wife, child. A simple, better way to your job as a tour guide, your company, your Youtube channel, your online retail shop…it may just need that extra touch, that YOU touch and 2024 is a year to discover it and apply it.

Look deep inside, make alot of research, brainstorm. Figure it out, It is never late to do this and more, seeing that the year is still new.

There are multifarious ways to begin the year. I will point out just a few of them.

How to begin the year?

1) SLEEP- Have a good sleep.

Sleep off the stress 2023 brought and ended with. Separate a day to rest. I do not know how you deal with stress or have a personal time. But please, sleeping is the best antidote ever created. So SLEEP for at least few hours.

2) PRAY- Pray to God. You sure need that God-factor, that divine direction, that spiritual leading in this new year.

3) SOCIALIZE- The year promises to be beautiful.

So make new & productive friends. Meet new people, make new & positively productive friends.

4) HAVE GOALS- The New year can be a tempter. The Happy New year cheers can last for as long as you meet an old time friend or family for the first time in the year. The happy cheers can make you feel the year us new & new forever.

You can have short term, long term goals or both. Having goals keeps a person focused. A goal is a just a goal and can be dynamic. Nevertheless, It is a harmless way to have a stress free year.

A sister of mine said one of her long term goals for the year is making good new friends. Your own goal may be to learn a new language, create a new furniture design to wow your customers, it may simply be an attempt to ‘mind your business more’, apply for that scholarship, another short term goal may be going to work earlier this year and so on.

In conclusion, just so you know. It is never late to discover what you can do with your hands. No age is too late to start something good. You are not too late. Never too late to start.

Open the windows of your heart and enjoy the bliss this new year has come to offer.


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Eunice January 22, 2024 - 6:43 am

I must say, this qualify as a standard article for publication. It had me glued to my screen from the beginning to the end.

It’s never too late for me to start achieving my goals for the year. Age has nothing on me!


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